Digital Photography - Mix Media finish
Product: Fineart Print
Giclèe print on archival paper 100% cotton
Color Print - Offset 269 gr.
Signed by artist
Edition 2/5

Print size: 65cm x 100cm
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I shot this image of Sveva Alviti (model, actress and amazing woman all around) in 2007. I had in mind to do a shoot that would take us back in time, the 70's, precisely (a period of roller disco, shorts, cheesy interior design and other amazing stuff!). I went and bought the wallpaper form a dedicated shop in NYC (I think it was on 6th ave. and 26th st.), built the walls, applied the wallpaper and laid the carpet, in my Soho studio. I rented the clothes from a vintage shop in Tribeca and called the best hairdresser and make-up artist in town. Thanks to this amazing team of great professionals I was able to produce a spectacular original photo but I've always had a soft spot for it so, during the last few years I went back and forth a few times to work on it for a while and the result is still a photograph when viewed from far away but, the closer you get the more the image turns into a painting, creating a double original effect.


Artwork by: Eros Messina


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