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Eros was born in Turin, Italy, in 1973. Even as a child, he had a lot of fun drawing characters from his favorite cartoons. He liked shapes and colors: "I have always appreciated colors" he would say throughout his life. So when he realized that gray and industrial Turin was too small for him, he decided to move to sunny California.

At the age of 22 in San Francisco, Eros finally meets his true destiny! On any one day of any week, before arriving at work in the North Beach area, Eros enters the Rizzoli bookstore and, leafing through the pages of a book of photographs by Herb Ritts, falls in love with that art form. From that day Eros started taking photos and hasn't stopped yet!

In 1998, he moved from San Francisco to Sydney and studied for a year at the Australian Center for Photography where he was awarded the Photographer of the Year certificate. The following year comes New York. Here Eros learned in the field all the techniques of light design and shaping from the greatest masters of photography of that time, names like David La Chapelle, Steven Klein, Tiziano Magni, Peter Lindberg, and many many others. For 10 wonderful years, he put his best work at the service of advertising agencies, magazines, and private individuals.

From 2010 to 2018 he lived and worked in Milan but it was only in 2019, when he finally landed in Valencia, Spain, that Eros left the whole world of commercial photography behind and finally discovered the world of art and pure creativity free from any dogma.

Today Eros takes and retouches images of his subjects in the Monteolivete studio and finds inspiration from everything that surrounds him and which takes him back in time. "I have always been fascinated by history, both ancient and more recent. I take inspiration from objects or moments from the past and try to give them a modern interpretation. After many years, I still like to fantasize about colors and shapes."

Eros Messina AKA Fizz


Calle Aben al Abbar, 2
46021 Valencia, Spain