Best Friends Forever


Best Friends Forever

Digital Photography and Mix Media finish
Giclèe print on archival paper 100% cotton
Mounted on Dibond (wooden support)
Signed by the artist
Edition 1/5

Print size: 75cm x 100cm
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I took this image sometime ago (circa 2006).

On the 4th floor of 13-17 Laight st., in Tribeca, resided Soho studios. In the same building, on the 3th floor, you could find the atelier of designer Zac Posen. What a great building that was, full of talented people!

Anyway, that day I borrowed some amazing dresses for this shoot from the House of Z, prepared the lights in the studio, grabbed my camera and after make-up, hair and wardrobe style were done, I started snapping away. 

Recently I went back, looked at the image again and thought: what if I give this images a more refined touch and so, I turned the photo into a digital painting with the help of some amazing softwares and lots of hours of contemplating about colours and shades.

The result is an images with a soulful feeling. The models are very graceful in their movements. The girls are not just posing,they are naturally bonding, a sisterhood, whereas one is soft and gentle, caring and loving, the other instead is the strong one, the confident, assertive type. You could say The two faces of the same coin, almost.

BFF or simply the same person with different personalities.

Artwork by: Eros Messina


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