Le Chat Noir


Le Chat Noir

Analog Photography and Digital Mix Media finish
Giclèe print on archival paper 100% cotton
Mounted on Dibond
Wooden back support
Signed by artist
Edition 1/5

Print size: 60cm x 90cm
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This image of a Moroccan homeless man was taken by Eros at Soho Studios in NYC during the economic crisis of the late 2000's.

Eros was sitting at Cafè Noir in Soho when the man came into the restaurant demanding some food. At first, Eros was shocked on how ballsy the man was with his request but soon after he realised that the man was a local on those street and very much liked by the patrons of the area. So, Eros started to look at him under a different light. The man had pizazz,  a certain confidence in his movements and the way he spoke and dressed.

By looking at the artwork, you can see into the eyes of the subject a whole life of tricks, knowledge and hustle. That's what struck Eros and that same day they went upstairs at the studio and produced this unique picture.

It's impressive how the man's confidence changed once he was in front of the camera. You can see a bit of shiness and a conservative body language. 

Le Chat Noir by Eros Messina 

Artwork by: Eros Messina


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